Zach Brunner

My name is Zach Brunner, and I’m a queer illustrator living in Brooklyn.  I’ve been an avid comic reader since I was seven, and have been illustrating them since 2011.  After years of being frustrated by the way women were presented as scantily clad sex objects while men were pillars of strength and masculinity, I decided I needed to create art that flips that concept on its head.  My work focuses mainly on turning the male gaze away from women and towards other men in pop culture.  I aim to break down concepts of toxic masculinity and gender by portraying men who are fully confident in themselves, in what would be considered feminine postures and clothing.  Basically presenting them the way women have always been presented to us in entertainment.  While it’s meant to be cheeky, colorful and fun, my goal is to help inch us along the path towards a broader, more accepting understanding of sexuality and gender in our community. 

Artwork: Britney

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