Wilbert van der Steen

Wilbert van der Steen / WvdS Comics
I’m a comic book artist, cartoonist and illustrator since 1993. I’ve worked for the Gay Krant (print edition) till 2000 and since a couple of years for the online variety. Together with Dolly Bellefleur I made the webcomic Made In Dolland for two years. My graphic novel ZON has been awarded with the Willy Vandersteenprijs 2017. I want to put more gayness or queerness in my stories. Because I see way too few comics or graphic novels for lgbtq+. That is here in the Netherlands.  In the follow up of ZON there will bes ome gayness in the background. I’m working on the story for a graphic novel for the queer community. Currently I’m working on a side project: creating male pinups.


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