Shane Allison

“So, collage art honestly began as a hobby. I was dabbing a little in the process while I solely wrote poetry and fiction. I would decorate the covers of my notebooks with things i would find on the street. Candy wrappers, hand-written notes, bumper stickers.  I still write a great deal, and have also made visual art a mainstay in my creative process. I figured I can’t draw or paint, so I might as well do this. I was a weird kid creatively growing up. Your typical shy, overweight queer kid. I would do things to keep me excited like collecting movie clippings out of newspapers and creating scrapbooks. Or writing my name with glue on notebook paper, and instead of using glitter, i would use dirt. I loved trying new things. I’m always thinking up new ideas for art.

The coolest thing for me is playing with lines in my work. The great thing about collage is that there are no rules. It can be whatever you want it to be. Nothing is ever really final with collage art. It can be transformed a million times over. Decollage is something I have been doing a lot of lately. I like gluing things down and ripping it back up to create other images, other worlds and meanings. I like texture  in that aspect, and experimenting with different styles of adhesives like tape, glue, cable tape, duct tape. I doubt I will ever stop judging from all of the portfolios of work I have in my room. I hope to have a show someday, and a book of my work. Until then, I’ll keep making collage. I want to keep pushing the envelope.”

Writer, Poet, Visual Artist, Pornographer

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