Queer King of Diamonds

“Queer King of diamonds” Is my pseudonym /identity for Gay oriented graphic art as I am in closet as of now. I am a graphic artist from India, art graduate, ex art director, and yeah quiet a late late bloomer. It took me long to realise my feelings towards men, would say still in process and as a part of it or to cope with it, I started my gay art Tumblr to express my loneliness, desires and hidden feelings of love and lust both. Later continued on Instagram simultaneously.

I love to make simpler graphic art and to present sexuality in simpler and sometimes indirect, suggestive or maybe cute/innocent manner. I like simple plain graphics/minimalism and erotic art so here I’m trying to get them all together.


#36daysoftype is one of the well known projects which runs on Social media where Artists, designers express their versions of Alphabets and Numbers during the period of challenge. I was always fascinated with french designer Malika Favre’s Kamasutra alphabets and wanted to make Gay version like that some day. So I grabbed this opportunity, in 2018, during ’36daysoftype’ period I completed this project with Gay couple and Kamasutra like positions in mind and named it as #36gaysoftypes instead. And this work is a compilation of whole project together.



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