Pedro Matias

PEDRO MATIAS was born in 1984 in Lisbon, Portugal. Matias’ connection with physical activities goes back to when he was a young athlete in competitive swimming. The performative encounter with liquidity happens since early age, clashing with performing ‘sameness’ daily, as protection but also as reaction to fear.

Pedro’s practice answers the current urgency for new shapes of engaged knowledge. Therefore, he aims to expose and facilitate new ways of queer resistance, intersecting philosophy, critical thinking, performance, space and fine arts.

Title: … to my plastic brothers

Year: 2017-2018

Credits: Directed, filmed and editing by Pedro Matias, Subtitles by Anja Masling, Voice-over by Angelo Custodio, Text by Pedro Matias


This video work aimed to understand the current capitalistic mentality and its repercussions in contemporary bodies, sexuality and our surroundings. The ‘spectacle’ of pop-culture created a boom of successful, referential, and to the eyes of some, perfect envied bodies.

These perfect bodies become the idol of millions, role models, but aren’t we worshipping marketed products? Aren’t we aiming the virtual rather than the real?

Under a sleeping pill, our bodies became silicone and fat; our lives a plastic dystopian reality.

The almost inexistent body in the frame of this video reveals what is currently relevant: our products, our consumerism, our display. Even without desiring it, we are plastic, we are consuming, we are displayed. This work is about objectification, an ode to all the plastic brothers that now start to awake.

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