I AM EDO is more than just an artist, he tries to create a brand, something familiar but new.

He started of with illustrations, but is recently experimenting with new material and topics to work on.
currently he is working on: films, sculptures, experimental music, illustrations, installations and undefinable mixed media approaches.

His art is heavily influenced by internet aesthetics, experimental/alternative internet art, internet in general, modernism, gender-mainstreaming, feminism, slice of life, contemporary art and experimental things.

„two men and octopus“

This work started last year August 2017.
this was the starting point of where I wanted to go with my art.
Just took me more than a year to finish it.

By the time I started to work on this one, I was very much into finding my aesthetics, what was pleasing to my eye you could say.

Dramatic and an unexplainable situation was my intention for this work and also to create a moment, as if it was from a movie or a stage play.

But its more than just a dramatic scene, this work is also very post contemporary, fashion and avant-garde or at least very much inspired of such elements.

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