Matthew David

I am a queer artist who enjoys exploring themes around sexual expression among the LGBT community. This is something I feel we are allowed to more freely express within our culture due to the lack of social norms of heteronormativity surrounding us. On the other hand, there is often a deep rooted shame resulting in complex contradictions, which I want to explore in my art. 

Recently I have discovered the alternative photography progress, cyanotype, in which I can create a beautiful hybrid of traditional painterly methods with photography. Of course photography can be playful and hands on in the construction of an image, but this technique feels familiar to other kinds of print making I enjoy. The technique also produces haunting images I find pleasing.

My use of condoms as a subject matter, currently in my work, is a reaction of my HIV+ status and my relationship with other sexual partners. On top of this, I want to explore my internalised feeling towards ‘safe’ sex. The imagery of condoms with the cyanotype technique, in various positions and forms, to me can look other worldly. Conveying images described as planets when rolled up, or when unfurled look like leeches or some kind of unnerving monster. The idea that these images of condoms are seen as something unpleasant or unwanted and at the same alien yet visually pleasing, is a direct response to my complex feelings in using condoms and I want the images to spark dialogue within our own perceptions of sex and attitudes towards it.

Art work ‘Safe Sex’

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