Mat Chavez

“After meeting my partner, Gregory Dillard (@iamgdillard), I wanted to create a piece that turned my Untitled Self-Portrait into a diptych. Each painting contains mementos and items that best represent ourselves and each other when we’re together.

Sweets, cookies, games, pets, books and some of our favorite inside jokes are hiding throughout each painting. The color and humor is meant to fill the viewer with happiness and curiosity to find out more about each painting.”

Subway Series

“Greg & Lyddie”, 2018 | Acrylic and paper on canvas, 30×30

New York, New York

“Untitled Self-Portrait”, 2017 | Acrylic, paper & coffee on canvas, 30×30

New York, New York


“Mathew Chavez (born 1986 in Dallas, Texas) is an American contemporary artist working with mixed medium, such as paper and various textiles on canvas to create abstract portraits.

Mat moved to New York City to pursue his art – intending to move audiences nationwide with his sense of humor, storytelling, and ability to reflect emotion. Sexuality, with a provocative undertone, has been the main platform for his current body of work.

While studying Fine Arts at New York’s notable Fashion Institute of Technology, Mat discovered instantly that his true passion was in painting. Carefully guided by well-respected professors, he was inspired by the Cubist, Minimalist and Dada eras. He has since explored his talents by breaking down organic shapes, inspired by his love of geometry, symmetry and mathematics.”

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