Luis Felipe Camargo

I don’t usually say lots about my work, because I strongly believe in inner dialogues between the art piece and the viewer.

But I manly focusing on discussing the male body in contemporary culture, and how it relates between being art or pornograpgy. in Brazil, sexuality, is still a taboo, specially when it’s not heterosexual. So I’m trying my best on representing alternative ways of desire and gender, specifically, male sex and gender, that is my current series.

Illustration title, RAFABORGES


Luis Felipe Camargo, also known as Fepe, is a brazilian artist and illustrator based in Spain and Brazil.

Graduated in Fine Arts in 2006, Felipe has brought the preciousness of the watercolor painting into a potent work of illustration, filled with color and mysterious shapes within his portraits.

Along with his artistic background and having specialized in Illustration and Surface Design, Felipe mixes Fashion, Pattern making, Textile Design into unique pieces, illustrating paper, fabric and more.

His work has a strong identity with an exquisite technique, versatile and capable of adjusting to many different briefings and artistic proposals.

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