Cartoon Called Life

Juraj Straka

Born in 1984 in Bratislava, Slovakia.

He studied graphic design at Private art high school in Bratislava, followed by master degree studies in textile design at Academy of Fine arts in Bratislava.

In 2007 he won the international textile design competition “La mode s’exprime, elle s’imprime” in Lyon, that opened him the door to the textile and fashion industry, where he works as textile designer for various international high-end fashion brands until present.

In 2013 he created the project CARTOON CALLED LIFE, as an antidote to the stress and pressure in the fashion world, a comic about a little white gay bunny, based on the nickname “Bunny” that has been given to him by his first boyfriend.

In 2014 he received the award “30 most talented people under age of 30 in Slovakia” given by Forbes magazine Slovakia.

CARTOON CALLED LIFE that started as a free-time project for close friends soon met its success on Instagram and Facebook and became a popular web comic, with growing audience of followers (34,500 followers on Instagram, 16.000 followers on Facebook @cartooncalledlife)

In 2017 he met Laurent Fierens and together they created the company CARTOON CALLED LIFE, which soon after its foundation self-published the first book self-titled “Cartoon called life” that has been followed by the launch of apparel line in 2018.

CARTOON CALLED LIFE is active in the LGBT scene, since 3 years is proud official partner of Antwerp Pride, does art collaboration with other gay artists, supports and co-hosts LGBT events on international scale.

Juraj is currently working on the second book “Bunny’s new adventures” that will be published in October this year.

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