Juan de Souza

I was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, in September 1973. From a very young age I felt curiosity and attraction for nature and art. The first one led me to work today as a scientific researcher in Biodiversity and the second, to never stop drawing. Self-taught, I started the Fine Arts career without finishing it.

In my adolescence I realised that I could combine both personal interests through naturalistic drawing. This is how in 1991 I entered as a illustrator in the conservationist NGO “Fundación Vida Silvestre Argentina” where I did illustration work in books, manuals and institutional merchandising. In 1995 I attended the annual Drawing Workshop with Eduardo Stupia at the Superior School of Fine Arts that was a determining factor in my way of seeing the drawing. From then on, my work as a draftsman and illustrator took a broader and less biased direction to the purely naturalistic. Since 2015 I have incorporated the LGTBI + theme into my work in which I feel very comfortable and happy. My work is basically directed to the drawing with inks and mixed techniques and is characterised by being rich in textures with little use of colour. I value the sensibility and the sustained graphic spontaneity with a robust dexterity of the drawing without excessive use of techniques. I love to draw and not a day goes by without making a sketch, sometimes, in strangest places.



“Familia II”

This illustrations is part of an LGTBI+ series I made a few years ago with black and red markers. It emerged with a very loose, funny and cute aesthetic by surprise. It’s a series of several drawings I hope will one day be published as I particularly appreciate it.

Buenos Aires, Argentina


Facebook: de souza ilustrador

Instagram: @de_souza_juan

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