Bad Brown Aunties

Bad Brown Aunties is a podcast about art, culture, politics, and legacy through the lens of the amazing and creative people of color in our community. In each episode, we pick an artist, actor, writer, activist or cultural worker to talk about their lives, work, and who inspired them to be who they are, with a special nod to the aunties that have shaped them.

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About the Hosts

Thanu and Rage met at an airport almost 16 years ago on their first day in the United States. They attended Hampshire College as international students, studying media/film & political theory. Culture-shocked and new to the country, they developed a deep familial friendship. Navigating their evolving identities & shifting immigration statuses, Rage and Thanu transitioned from their baby years in Western Massachusetts to their lives as artists and social justice advocates based in Brooklyn.

Rage Kidvai is a queer Muslim immigrant from Pakistan currently working as a public defender. Since moving to Brooklyn almost a decade ago, Rage’s work and activism has focused on queer and trans liberation, prison abolition, and immigrant justice. They’re also a visual artist, hair stylist, and media-maker.

Thanu Yakupitiyage is a Sri Lankan, Thailand-raised, Brooklyn-based media professional, activist, cultural organizer, and DJ under the artist moniker “Ushka.” She’s lived in New York City for almost 10 years, working as a media professional and storyteller in the immigrant rights movement and more recently in the climate justice movement.

About the Production

From our guests, to those involved in the production of the show, Bad Brown Aunties is made with intention – centering people of color and uplifting and shining a light on people who have a personal relationship with the issues we engage with.


We’re happy to announce that BAD BROWN AUNTIES is now live. We will be releasing an episode from Volume 1 every Monday for eight weeks.

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Episode 1 of Bad Brown Aunties features guest Adam Bainbridge aka Kindness.

Adam Bainbridge a.k.a. Kindness is a Grammy winning music producer, singer, DJ, radio host and music video producer who works with artists such as Robyn, Solange, Blood Orange (Dev Hynes) & Kelela. They are British, and descended from Indian and Malay migrants to South Africa.

Kindness kicks off the first EVER episode of Bad Brown Aunties, telling us about their art, background, and some of the incredible aunty figures in their life! If you haven’t heard the episode already, go take a listen!

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