Arthur Guilleminot

“Rosebud” is a visual investigation of queer wildness, paired to a challenge in the shape of a daily action. A simple soap you rub to get your hands cleaned. It’s an obnoxious butt plug that want to wash you from pre-made ideas about sexuality. What if sexual fetishes would appear in our daily routine in the healthiest way possible ?

Arthur Guilleminot is an artist designer that aims to reconnect the audience to experience. Born in Paris in a progressive family, he had the chance to develop his identity and creativity in a fertile, non-conformative and free environment.

Arthur’s practice is a strategy to facilitate the blossoming of different identities, independent and non-normative. Playing with gender, sexuality and phallic shapes, his art calls for your hand, for your body and your mind to merge into an experience.

After studying design and marketing, Arthur’s works questions body industries, often immersing you in a consumerist dirty pleasure, in order to wiggle the system.

Throughout his practice, he has been developing collaborations and joined the Driewieler Collectief in 2014, an interdisciplinary Amsterdam based collective.

His work has been shown in the Netherlands,UK, Belgium, Greece and Switzerland.

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