Meet the Founders

We are three queer artists: Gianluca Floris from Italy, Severus Heyn from Germany and Ivan Natas from the Netherlands. We came into contact via our art on Instagram and after years and years of online friendship we met spontaneously at various locations in Europe.
Our shared queer experiences and struggles enabled us to establish closer connections with each other and to grow both professionally and personally. We fantasised how it would be, if we could get all of the artists that inspire us on a daily basis on Instagram together in one meeting. We believe that other creative minds from the LGBTIQ + family can also benefit from this informal, creative and open format. So the idea for Q-ABC was born, a non-profit, queer artist network.

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Meet the Partners

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Severus Heyn

Severus Heyn is a self-taught queer artist from Germany. Born in 1991 as a single child, he started drawing early on. With his first library card his parents got him all the comics from André Franquin, which he traced through sandwich paper. But he quickly moved on to raunchier subject matters when he hit puberty, scribbling sexy sketches for his friends in the back of the classroom. Maybe this is where his alter ego ‘Prostitute of Art’ comes from, only instead of sexual services, he offers sexual art. At 21, he started working for the independent German fashion magazine ‘Vintage Flaneur’ (Winner of the Award of Excellence for Concept and Design) by accident, because they were his neighbours. Encouraged through their projects, Sev started his own freelancing career as a professional illustrator. First only working for local theatre companies, he quickly grew more popular; for example, working for Jack Guinness on the ‘QueerBible’ project or for the label Nathan Klein on their cookbook for the 2018 collection ‘The first time he kissed a boy’.
Severus Heyn is currently working on several private commissions and exhibits his art as part of the ‘The Art of Being Queer’ project across Europe.
Ivan Natas from the Netherlands is a ballpoint pen illustrator with an incurable curiosity. As a little kid sitting in the atelier of a friend of his parents , the smell of wood sawdust, linseed oil and paint thinner became engraved in his memory. This definitely influenced him in attending an art academy and pursuing multiple diverse creative careers. His interest in many topics did impact how Ivan’s work was viewed, his teachers at the art academy claimed that his totally abstract work was to much political and social engaged. He’s still wondering how they were able to decipher this from all the paint stains. Being a multipotentialite Ivan has and continues doing various things like, working in the tech-industry, teaching, coaching, founding a startup-incubator and a creative coworkspace and functioning as a connector. He pursuits whatever crosses his path and triggers his interest, this is how he started illustrating after not having picked up a brush or pen for a long time. It was the anniversary kiss of a couple Hiram & Muhamed on Instagram, their moment of bliss and happiness made Ivan try to capture these two, with tools which were within reach, a ballpoint pen and a notebook. Hiram & Muhamed became the catalyst for Ivan to start drawing everyday and choosing his subjects with the emphasis on representation; people of colour, a diversity in nationalities, body types, age, appearances, social/political awareness and other topics. This lead to getting private commissions and Nicolas Wagner commissioning him for the CRUSHfanzine issue ” Music is my boyfriend “, were he rendered a portrait of Tracy Chapman, with a quote from a letter to Tracey Chapman written by DJ/Singer/activist JD Samson. Portraits of André, Tyler, Diego and Amine, guys from across the globe were featured in the Tattoo issue of Maciek Groman’s [HAWT!]ZINE and more recently Ivan’s work is featured in the Beauty Issue of Jamie Windust’s FRUITCAKE Magazine, a LGBTQIA+ Magazine focusing on queer excellence.

Gianluca Floris

Gian is a friendly fella, he does things and sees people. He has shown stuff in galleries and spaces nobody cares about because they mostly do not have large followings on social media, but have a big place in his heart.

Design, art and illustration are his job and his passion. He wanted to be an artist before he actually understood what an artist was, maybe it was destiny, maybe intuition. He knew the chicks love artists, and he loves chicks as they grow to be cocks. His mind is often focused on the pleasures of life.

He hates to write in the third person pretending that someone professional did it. He also thinks he’s clever for the previous sentence.

Hoarse_rama is a project about the body and sexuality… there is not much to explain which his illustrations don’t already show.


We Are Hype, an award-winning creative agency based in the UK. Founded in Edinburgh, and specialising in design, we partner with businesses to create exciting and meaningful marketing strategies. Our specialties include website and mobile design, branding and digital strategy.


RPISH | Culture Agency is a decade old small agency that is dedicated on helping companies and organizations communicate better and create better marketing strategies. It all started with Rabia (the founder) who is an ‘Multipotentially Geek’ with an information addiction. Her love for Tech and Entertainment and intercultural background gave her an edge on other agencies. She loves helping people and especially stands for those that need help getting their voice heard. Next to working for clients, she dedicates time throughout the year as a public speaker and/or sponsor on socioeconomic and political issues for groups in society that are discriminated against.

Bob Angelo Fonds

Het COC’s Bob Angelo Fonds ondersteunt kleinschalige initiatieven die gericht zijn op de acceptatie van lhbti’s, vóór en door lhbti’s. Steun het fonds om ontmoeting mogelijk te maken.

The COC’s Bob Angelo Fund supports small-scale initiatives that are focused on the acceptance of LGBTI’s, for and by LGBTI’s. Support the fund to make meetings possible.