A networking event that celebrates the visibility and diversity of queer artists.

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The Q-ABC is an independent global artist initiative created by queer artists that will host get-togethers all across the world. The first ever brunch will be at Amsterdam Pride, on 3rd August 2019. Our goal is to connect and educate ourselves with other LGBTIQ+ artists through presentations, performances, and exhibitions – all in an informal and friendly brunch setting.

Who can participate?

EVERY artist, no matter whether you are doing fine arts, photography, illustrations, poetry, drag, music, stitching, etc. As long as you express yourself creatively, every gender and every sexuality is more than welcome. We celebrate everybody that is part of our lovely LGBTIQ+ family.

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About Us

We are three queer artists: Ivan from the Netherlands, Gian from Italy and Severus from Germany. The three of us connected first online through our art and then started meeting spontaneously all over the world. Our shared queer experiences and struggles enabled us to connect with each other and grow professionally, as well as personally. We believe that other creative minds of the LGBTIQ+ family might also benefit from this informal, creative, and open format. Our goal is to grow as a community through each other, helping us to be more visible and hopefully shining our rainbow beyond the queer hemispheres.

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